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How To Resolve The Issue Of Only One AirPod Working

AirPods are another one of Apple’s great inventions. These wireless headphones have made life easier for the people but sometimes, it can get a tad bit annoying. How would you feel if out of nowhere one of your AirPods stops working? Well we have come up with solution to your problem. 

Whenever you face the issue of only one AirPod working, don’t get nervous and follow these easy steps. The plus point is that these steps can be easily carried out on any of the AirPods variant or model. 

Before we jump onto the steps, get certain of these precautionary advices. Whenever you face the problem of such a kind, make sure your Mobile software is up to date. Sometimes the phone software being out of date can be the root cause of your problem. Also make sure that bluetooth connectivity is consistent and not interrupted. Although if these measures don’t work, here are the simple and easy steps you can follow to avoid this issue. 

How To Fix One AirPod

Firstly, put both of the AirPods in their case and start charging them for only 30 seconds. 

Secondly, open the lid of the case and bring it in decent contact with your device. 

At last, try both of the AirPods on and play some multimedia with a good sound. If both of the AirPods are equating the sound, your process will be declared successful. 

However if still things don’t go your way, try to reset your wireless headphones.