Moving On A Tight Budget: How To Move Without Money

Moving On A Tight Budget: How To Move Without Money

Wondering how to move without money? Don’t worry it is possible and we will tell you how you can move from one place to another.

Moving to another city or state will be difficult and it will cost you worth if you have to buy a house on rent or you have other personal expenses. However, it also depends on the number of furniture you have in your new house and how many person who are moving with you. It is always a better plan for anyone to have a financial backup for the upcoming future uncertainties.

Well, if you are planning to change your address and worries related to the funds then you don’t need to worry anymore now. Because there are few solutions companies that make it easy for you to move from one city to another and save your money from unnecessary expenses.

How to Move Without Money

In order to make your relocation more controllable and decrease your expenditure, you need to choose low-income relocation aid or any other federal relocation assistance program. So, now you are thinking that what is relocation assistance? So it is a group of non-profit organizations or federally funded programs that are specifically to assist low-income households in introducing some of the financial burdens of moving from them.

Seek Help from Relocation Assistance Programs:

Seek Help from Relocation Assistance Programs:
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There is an eligibility criterion for these relocation assistance programs that you need to fulfill and analyze whether you are under this criteria or not. So let’s understand what the criteria for these relocation assistance programs are.

1. Government Incentive Programs:

There are some states and local governments that offer multiple of these incentive programs to help low-income families who are trying to relocate from one location to another location.

2. Trade Adjustment Assistant Program:

This program provides assistance to those people who lose their job through the American job center. You need to research the AJC service and find analyze which center is near you so you can get help.

3. Emergency Solutions Grants Program:

It is a program that is supported through federal funds and it promotes the individual or families who need rental assistance, immediate shelter, searching for a house, and people who are homeless.

4. Salvation Army:

It is one of the non-profit organizations in the US that are providing short-term financial resources that need them. They recently launched the new housing program which was specially designed and revealed to introduce in order to motivate the individuals and families in need of the home.

5. Modest Needs:

It is also a non-profit organization who are providing financial assistance to those people who are not eligible for any social assistance which is regular.

6. Catholic Charities:

Did you know that there are 160 catholic charities that are working in the US to grant financial aid to poor families? These charities run both partnerships and private programs.

7. YWCA:

The purpose of this organization is to empower women and help them financially and socially.

So, these are some programs that help you in moving from one place to another easily.

Seek Help from the Government:

The US government provides a lot of benefits to low-income families. You need to research and find if is there any program that is available for your help.

1. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Housing and urban development funds multiple programs to offer people housing and rental assistance. So, you can also get help by visiting their website.

2. Federal Relocation Assistance Program:

Under this program, you can ask for relief from federal relocation in case of your property loss and acquisition of the property.

3. Veterans Affairs Relocation Assistance Program:

The department of this program provides the best relocation plans based on your needs. Many companies in the US offer discounts to veterans and their families.

4. Rural Housing Services:

The US Department of Agriculture runs various programs such as taking loans in partnership with non-profit organizations and other agencies.

As Much As Possible, Do It Yourself:

As Much As Possible, Do It Yourself

It is obvious if you are seeking help or support from someone and you get that, then it will make it easy for you. But it is important to save your money through cutting the cost. For example, if you hire a packers and movers service then it will cost you appropriately $9,000. On the other hand, if you do it yourself through driving a rental truck and shifting your furniture on your own then it will cost you round about $2,000.

So, you can ultimately save $7,000 by shifting your stuff through yourself or you can also take help from your friend.

Use Other Types of Packing Materials:

In order to store your belongings, you can use certain items or other boxes such as dresser drawers and laundry hampers. Plus, you have also the choice to choose the plastic bins that are lying surrounding you. This will become useful for you later.

In addition, you can also use blankets, clothes, and towels as the substitute for bubble wrap and packing paper or bring these all items along with you on the journey.

Locate places that offer free moving supplies and take advantage of them:

You can frequently find boxes that are free but it is important for you to know where you should search them. You should create multiple inquiries and one of them must be local grocery stores and other retail establishments. There is another choice for you which is that you can ask help from your family or family if they had extra packing materials available.

You Should Not Do These Things If You Are Moving With No Money:

You can hire a professional or seek help from the moving companies but you need to avoid certain things.

It is beneficial that you have a plan when you are implementing all actions. No matter whether you are moving alone or with your family plan is necessary. If you move from one city to another then it will create a large impact on your life.

Asking for help from family, friends, or any other professional person will give you a lot of knowledge and guidance in the future. You can also contact or visit these companies which we mention here in order to check if they have that type of budget which suits you.

There is no difficulty in keeping your plan secret with you but when you are implementing them, then you need to share that with your family and friends. Because they will help you in moving from one place to another place in many ways.


 Moving without money is possible by seeking assistance from relocation assistance programs, government programs, and non-profit organizations. It is important to research and fulfill the eligibility criteria for these programs.

Additionally, considering a DIY approach, using alternative packing materials, and taking advantage of free moving supplies can help reduce costs. Planning, seeking guidance from family and friends, and sharing your plans with them are crucial for a successful move.

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