How To Locate Any Hidden Camera’s In Your Surroundings

You walk into a hotel room, rented house or a changing room, you might be afraid of only one thing, hidden cameras. To your easement, we have a come up with some ways to locate any hidden cameras in your surroundings

Many surveys have led to the debate of why rental homes or hotel rooms have hidden cameras. In South Korea, a total of 28000 cases were admitted regarding hidden cameras. These cases were filed from 2013-2018. Why is it so? Does the management find them extra secure or have they got something else up their sleeves. 

Here’s a quick look into how you can easily spot a hidden camera whenever you’re facing a strange sensation about them. 

Search The Surrounding

Well the most obvious measure firsthand, is to look around the place yourself. You might start your research from sensitive areas such as rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes or areas around the bed. You should also know that the most favourite place to hide cameras are basic household items. Give a thorough look into radio’s, thermostats, lamps, clocks, cabinets or kitchen utensils (if they are around). Get your detective instinct up and running and look for something out of order. Any strange, unusual or unnecessarily placed objects might be the sweet spot. 

Kenneth Bombace, CEO of Global Threat Solutions mentioned, \”If you use flashlights and shine them on something you think could possibly hide the camera, you will see a reflection in there, which is a pretty good way of detecting if there\’s a camera,\”. 

Get A Spy Camera Detector

Probably the most easy way to find any hidden cams around you is to buy a spy cam detector. The main feature of this detector would be to attract any frequencies attached to the hidden camera. Although it might not be entirely easy to locate them due to the advanced technology now introduced. Also keep in mind they are quite pricey as the cheaper ones don’t pave the way out often times. 

Check For Connections

The most recommended measure to be taken is to check for any sort of out of the blue connectivity. Mostly, hidden cams are connected to internet, so therefore check your wifi connections. The introduction of apps such as “Fing” have made things more simpler. Fing can locate any sort of camera device on a given network. Most of the times, people want to witness the live footage straight out of the concealed cameras, this might be done through wifi connectivity. Hence, always stay vary because sometimes the connection is designed with such complexity, not every app catches the signals. 

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