Horror Movies That Actually Ended On A Happy Note

The horror genre is widely liked by people around the globe. Some people may find it interesting and curious but others are there to fight their fears. Many studies have shed some light on how horror movies help people fight their anxiety. It may be surprising but its true. That being sad, not all horror movies contain an even darker ending. Some movies also end in happiness. However, horror movies are not entirely based on the truth. Here’s a quick look into some horror movies that ended on a happy note. 

The Final Girls

The Final Girls might be one of the most exciting horror movies around. Why is it so? Lets find out. This movie features a young boy Max who is yet to be recovered from the sad passing of his mother. On the first anniversary of his mother’s death, he decided to watch a horror film with his friends. Thats no ordinary horror film, as it appears his mother starred in that film 20 years ago.

The story kicks in as soon a fire breaks out at the theatre and Max finds him and his friends teleported into that horror movie. Max and his friends now have to figure out a way to get out and it occurs to them that the only way of getting out is to survive till the end of that movie. Their survival throughout the movie creates a comedic atmosphere. In spite of every laughter punch, Max has still a lot to deal with.

 The movie doesn’t seem to end properly as it keeps on starting from the very first minute. This endless cycle leaves him and his friends exasperated. Another dark edge to the movie is that everyone except them was caught dead in the fire that broke out. Max also goes through the guilt of being the only survivor as his mother passed away. Nonetheless, the Final Girls ends in a very relieving way for Max and his friends. 


Directed and written by Gerard Johnstone, Housebound was released in 2014. Its one of those few horror movies that’s got a swagger about them. The story starts when a young girl named Kylie founds herself being house arrested by her strange mother. Now the movie features many twists and turns. It also features a murder mystery thats yet to be solved. It also has a humorous edge. Now Kylie is shown as a judgemental girl. She judges and shuts people out instantly. The movie actually gives a lesson on how irrational it is to judge things straight away. Without even getting to know the roots. Eventually, the ending portrays a very thoughtful wisdom. People shouldn’t be judged on how the appear to be. And as the famous saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This movie is still a blockbuster. 


Spring was directed by the pair of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson. This horror movie actually has a romantic edge to it. While it features Evan a lifeless man who lost his mother to cancer. He is still deeply saddened of his loss. The focal point of this movie is monstrous. Evan meets a girl named Louise, who seems very skeptical herself. He later falls for her. However, Louise insists him to not get closer to her but the heart wants what it wants. The monster on the other hand showcases how tough it is to open yourself to others. The lovers are later given the ultimatum of taking a great risk to save the day. And no risk comes with no great loss. But Evan and Louise still take the life threatening risk. The movie at the end shows how pure love can conquer anything in the world. 


One of the most interesting dark movies out there is Mayhem. Its not just horrific but it also quite enlightening. The movie is based on inequality. How people in power influence the world by their actions. Derek Cho, who is a disciplined employee in a law firm. As it appears, he’s highly underpaid for what he does in the company. One day he gets fired from his law firm following an unfair dismissal.

The exact same day, a deadly virus breaks out and the people present in the premises are forced to quarantine themselves. Derek later notices that one of the major after affects of the virus is that it brings the worst out of humans body. It enrages an individual to the maximum capacity. He sets on the journey to fight for his completely unfair dismissal. After a literal bloodbath, the movie shows how unjust the world is getting. Someone who gets paid little and does a lot is not recognised by the world. It also tells us how many people in the world consider power, influence and status over hard work, discipline and integrity. 

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