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Hong Kong’s Famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant Capsized

One of the most intriguing sites in Hong Kong is the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. The restaurant is a three floored ship which served one of the best food across Hong Kong. Reportedly, the floating restaurant just got sunk in the South China Sea after it was towed away from the city

Why Was The Restaurant Moving

As of now, its believed that the Jumbo was floating towards an unidentified shipyard on Saturday. While moving towards the location, the ship capsized and faced some undesirable circumstances. It turned its back on one side and started sinking slowly. This event took place near the Paracel Islands which are situated in the South China Sea. 

A statement was released from Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises which stated that the boat sank about more than 1000 meters down the water. This also almost made it impossible to reclaim any possessions. The statement also added that the Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises felt deeply “saddened by this accident”. Fortunately, none of the workers on board were included in any sort of injuries.