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HBO Max Encouraged Netflix To Offer Ad Supported Tier

HBO Max has been running an ad supported subscription offer since last year now. However in contrast, Netflix recently announced about developing a ad supported subscription offer for a lower price than of those currently. 

Netflix is without a doubt the most favourite visual entertainment app for people. They are looking to spice things up a notch. They are looking to develop an ad support programme for the people so that those who are yet not on board with the company can get invested. However their potential competitor HBO Max has been doing that for a lot of time now. The current HBO Max ad supported offer consists of only $9.99 a month. Users with these accounts will still be able to watch and search titles available on the ad free accounts. The standard account on HBO Max costs around $14.99 monthly. 

However, Insider recently conduct a survey among HBO Max users. They found out that 28% of the users own ad supported accounts. That is truly astonishing considering that this programme has only been here for roughly 12 months. These results show us the way to how the future for these apps look like. As it appears, people tend to like ad supported accounts at a lower rate. They don’t seem to be having any sorts of troubles, well most of them don’t. The trend of these accounts is gaining popularity and Netflix couldn’t help but give in.