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Galaxy S23 Might Not Live Up To It’s Potential

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is considered to be the tech companies most successful phone when it comes out. But a few drawbacks might confirm that the the Galaxy S23 Ultra might not live up to its expectations. 

What’s Lacking In Galaxy S23

When Samsung announced its new flagship, many people were surprised. That was not entirely due to the insane features it will uphold, but it was guaranteed a very potent camera. The tech company announced a new camera, the 200MP ISOCELL HP3. Its also expected to carry out functions like imaging sensing. Reports also broke out that Samsung was working and developing this powerful camera all by themselves. The current Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra attains a 108MP sensor in its camera. 

Things were looking good until sources splattered the shocking news about the upcoming phone. As of current, many credible sources believe that the new camera is not meant for the S23 model. The news was first broken by an experienced Samsung enthusiast and part-time leaker, Ice Universe (UniverseIce) on twitter. I mean, the 200MP camera was contemplated as a mighty upgrade over the current 108MP camera. 

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