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Fitbit Sense Or Apple Watch Series 7 – Here’s All You Need To Know

The best smartwatch debate has come down to two potential candidates. Most of the people are choosing either Fitbit or Apple watch as their companion. 

Fitbit Sense was just recently launched with a number of upgrades from the previous model. A better design and shape alongside many great features. On the other hand, Apple maintained their extraordinary standards. They came with new colours and materials. Apple also released a number of bands to go with the watch.


The new Fitbit Sense’s starting price is $299. Apple Watch Series 7 is completely opposite of this. The starting price of series 7 is $399 and this can easily go up to $600 depending on different materials, features and sizes. Apple watch series 7’s price gets high with the inclusion of the cellular feature. It also varies with different size you want. The 45mm size is the most expensive one. Different materials such as aluminium costs lower but if you want to look into materials like titanium or stainless steel, they would cost you a lot. Fitbit Sense is clearly more cheaper. 

Fitness Features

Both watches share a similarity between them. They both have GPS which allows you stay away from your phone. If we look into fitness, Apple watch sets 3 basic goals for your everyday with their ‘activity’ feature. Fitbit allows you to record your cardio sessions, heart-rate during exercise and it even records your temperature. Fitbit also gives you recovery feedbacks. Both of these can check your heart rate, record your steps and send you notifications about either walking or standing. Although, Fitbit can also track your weekly sleep routine and for how long do you sleep each day. Apple is still far from it.