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Famous Author Expected To Invest In Bitcoin Conditionally

Bitcoin has been facing a huge downgrade since the start of May 2022. It has raised many questions in the minds of people on whether to invest more or pull out. Although, people like Robert Kiyosaki are rather optimistic about the cryptocurrency and has claimed to invest in it on one condition. 

Robert Kiyosaki is the famous author of the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Recently, he has been very active on twitter regarding the current market of Bitcoin. He says that he will wait for the price of a single Bitcoin to drop till $1100. One Bitcoin is priced at $20,807 as of now. However, if the required conditions of Robert are met, he will imminently test $1100 in Bitcoin. He mentioned, I am waiting for Bitcoin to ‘test’ $1100,”

Robert’s Approach

Robert seemed quite positive when he discussed  about the cryptocurrency of his twitter handle. He even called out the quitters in some fine fashion. “If it recovers, I will buy more. If it does not, I will wait for losers to ‘capitulate’ quit, then buy more,” Robert mentioned in the tweet.