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Disneyland Paris On The Verge Of Launching Avengers Campus

Disneyland Paris is one of the most visited Disneyland parks out the six in the world. However, Disneyland Paris is expected to open an Avengers Campus on their premises imminently. 

Avengers Campus

The first Avengers Campus was opened in Disneyland California in 2021. It was not just a small opening but a rather large one. It featured many great Marvel persona’s such as the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and many actors from the cast of MCU. The Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris is believed to be opened in about a month and is expected to be more well built than the Californian version

Disneyland Paris has been wanting to get the Avengers themed campus on board for many months and it seems like, now they are triumphant. Some say that the Avengers Campus is expected to be open on the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris yet some suggest otherwise. When Disneyland California inaugurated its Avengers Campus, they also developed a merchandise centre for the fanatics. Same is the hope for Disneyland Paris. A lot of revenue gets generated through selling these merchandises. 

We are also expecting some awesome rides at the Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris. 

Spiderman W.E.B Adventure 

Disneyland Paris is looking forward to establishing the Spiderman W.E.B Adventure ride which will allow the visitors to team up for an action packed adventure. The WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) will entertain the customers in a never seen way. Their team will design robotic spider-bots that will read body movements. The guests will be able to shoot spider webs and even fight. While persevering their way through the bots, the difficulty will be enhanced, hence more spider-bots at your disposal. 3D glasses will be worn by people throughout the adventure. The WEB technology will also be able to note little movements such as eyes, eyebrows and shoulders. At the end of the ride, people will be able to recognise how well they did. 

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