Disney On The Verge Of Losing Mickey Mouse

Disney is reportedly on the verge of losing its most exclusive and influential character of all time, the Mickey Mouse. The 95 year long copyrights are set to expire in 2024. The animated cartoon was first created in 1928 by Walt Disney. Losing Mickey Mouse would be like losing the most integral part of their journey up top.

Disney is expected to lose their beloved Mickey Mouse amid copyright expiration. This means that now Mickey Mouse will be subject to being free for public as soon as the copyright tenure ends. The US copyright law quite clearly mentions that any artistic property would be declared expired after its been 95 years to its publication. This law is intended towards protecting “original works of authorship”. 

As soon as the copyrights expire, the character will be declared free and public. Meaning that nobody will have to go through copyright payments or requesting permissions. Now the most worrying part is that Mickey Mouse might be a part of something that’s not Disney related. 

Since its creation in 1928, the mouse has been the face of Disney. Its also one of the most well known characters of all time. Not just the kids, but even adults love him. He is Disney’s trademark. 

At the very beginning, the copyrights to the character were obligated for 56 years. When this copyright tenure came to an end, Disney managed to occupy another 75 years. This was done through the Copyright Act of 1976. Then again in 1998, they further requested for 95 years of protection. 

Disney is yet to make a move amid these serious times, as of now. The Mickey Mouse should be protected at all costs as it symbolises Disney. The company will lose its most greatest asset if they are not able to retain him further. 

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