Court Asks Johnny To Pay ACLU $38,000 On Behalf Of Amber

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard recently filed defamation charges against each other. The trial was the talk of the town as the court allowed the whole trial to be streamed. The evergreen Johnny Depp won the trial against former lover and was paid handsomely in the form of damages. But he faced a certain query right after winning. 


Johnny Depp was asked by ACLU to pay them $38,000. This was because Amber lied to of donating half of the divorce amount she received to ACLU. They were promised an amount and that was not delivered. So a judge took the liberty to award ACLU their promised $38,000. But who’s going to pay? Well the answer is quite shocking, Johnny Depp has to pay. 

Johnny Depp’s legal team went full on Amber Heard and that meant to investigate her case with the ACLU. The organisation found about 1900 documents to support Depp’s legal team. As it turns out, now they are asking the court that Johnny Depp should pat us $86,000. All that for the time it took to find particular documents and for the trouble they went by.  

Mr. Depp’s legal team protested as they think its Amber who should be paying. The judge felt the same but his hands were tied as per reports. All he could do for Johnny Depp and his legal team was to split the amount in almost half. Hence, the $38,000 mark. 

Even After Winning The Trial?

You might be wondering that Johnny won the case fair and square. All of his allegations on Miss Heard turned out to be true and he should be free of any controversy now. That makes us further wonder that Amber Heard has to pay ACLU as she lost. But thats not the case. Johnny Depp is liable to the ACLU and court now. 

Now Johnny was awarded with $15 million for the false defamation case led against him. But this amount was later reduced to $10.3 million in order with the state’s statutory cap on damages. While Amber got paid $2 million for damages. But it seems, even after winning a long trial, Johnny Depp is left with more hurdles to be dealt with. 

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