Coca Cola Collaborates With Marshmello For New Flavour

Coca Cola is one of the biggest beverage makers of the world. The company actively takes part in producing the best. Just recently, they came up with a new collaborative flavour to further cement their rank. 

Coca Cola announced the arrival of a new flavour with Marshmello, who is a very famous DJ and music composer. What gives Marshmello the edge over all others in the same sector is his uniqueness. I mean, the man always stays masked with his personally styled mask. 

The New Flavour

Since the news has been flashed, many people got on the bandwagon of Coca Cola producing a marshmallow flavoured drink. Its true that a collaboration with Marshmello will certainly give off this impression but thats not the case. The new flavour is expected to be a blend of Strawberry and Watermelon. As described, these are also Marshmello’s favourite. The flavour will also come in zero sugar variant.

The senior director of global strategy for Coca Cola, Oana Vlad, announced the deal on Wednesday. \”For our third Coca-Cola Creations drop, we sought to add an unexpected remix of flavors to a great Coca-Cola taste,\” she mentioned in her statement. 

Even Marshmello took the liberty of updating the fans. We created a vibey blend of my favorite flavors in this all-new mix,\” he further mentioned, \”I think it tastes amazing and I hope fans love it too.\” 

The upcoming flavour will be available for only a limited time in the States starting 11 July. It will be revealed on the 9th of July on “Loserfuits” Twitch channel. The possibility of other countries having this product is also very likely. 

Coca Cola has played a great tactic to lure more people towards their brand. The word limited edition alone creates enough sense of curiosity in a persons mind. But with the inclusion of Marshmello, who has many fans across the world, Coca Cola have guaranteed themselves a treat. Once the new flavour comes out, it will cease the market for days at least. 

Other New Flavours Launched This Year

The company has been trying to develop new flavour for a lot of time now. They came up with “Starlight” earlier this year. Coca Cola sought it to be inspired by space. They also mentioned, \”notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space.\”

Another flavour announced in April was Byte. It was first revealed in Fortnite – a great publicity stunt as most of the young generation plays the game. The company defined the flavour as, \”it makes the intangible taste of the pixel tangible,\”

Did They Copy McDonalds?

McDonalds has been very triumphant with their celebrity collaborations. Exclusive and limited menu’s were released whilst carrying certain traits of the particular celebrity. McDonalds has collaborated with some big names. For instance, Travis Scott, Saweetie and BTS. This allowed McDonalds to double their impact for a potent amount of time. Many other eating establishments have followed this procedure. 

As for Coca Cola, its the first time they are collaborating with a famous celebrity. The company looks rather optimistic about how the future will unfold for them. Marshmello and Coca Cola have been vigorously addressing any new updates that should be known by the fans. Lets see how the flavour turns out to be once its out. 

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