Cheapest Health Insurance Providing Companies

The Affordable Care Act, which was passed in 2010 by Barack Obama made it easier for Americans to access cheaper and affordable health insurance. However, some Americans still find it challenging to find the best insurance policy at cheaper price. 

Regardless of your income, the best way to find the right health insurance company is to explore several options within the given opportunities. To help you in this case, we have piled up a list of some of the most affordable health insurance companies in the United States. 

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser closely observes its own Health Savings Account (HSA) and this allows you to save tons of money in the form of tax advantage. Kaiser also provides ACA based plans for both families and individuals. They have received a high rank in each list laid out for the best and most affordable health insurance companies as well. Kaiser currently has a clientele of almost 12.5 million. 


Cigna is another great health insurance company that offers cheaper rates. It has many benefits for its clients. Such as, $0 annual checkups and 24/7 access to health officials. They also offer a wide range of different coverages that gives the person a bit of wariness. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield basically aids those individuals looking for a health insurance who don’t belong to a group. They have excellent opportunities for such people. Their packages include coverage in all 50 states and some even work globally. This company has a strong history and they have build a reputation out of it. Its the recommended place to go to by professionals such as doctors as well. 

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a sort of company that imminently offers a short term health insurance coverage. If you need it urgent for a particular reason, United Healthcare should be your go-to place. Their temporary coverage plan is what makes them so popular. Because most Americans opt for temporary coverages. They also offer ACA compliant plans and have a long history of dealing in health insurance as well. 

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