Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is a necessity if you own a car. However, some people make the mistake of putting their whole budget into the insurance plan. That’s not how it should be in such financially tough times. If you get deeper into the matter and closely study a few options, you might find the most suitable cheap car insurance company for yourself. 

Needless to say that each individual works on their own criteria whilst choosing a car insurance company. Some seek efficient customer service while some search for financial benefits. In spite of having differing criteria and paradigms, each person has the sense of looking for a cheaper option. So here are the cheapest yet most reliable car insurance companies in U.S. 



Geico is undoubtedly one of the largest car insurance companies in the States. It not only has lower rates but also offers a nationwide service. If we study the market cap, Geico is the second largest car insurer in the States. They are a top tier company that offers an annual average for maximum coverage at $1,300 and minimum coverage at $354. 


Auto-Owners is perhaps the most cheapest option for car insurance in United States. It provides many add-on programs accompanied by a cheap annual minimum coverage rate. You also get some liberty whilst deciding your plan with Auto-Owners. Their average annual cost for maximum coverage is $1,300 and $325 for minimum coverage.


USAA is not only one of the cheapest car insurers but the fifth largest company in the country as well. They have received impeccable customer satisfaction scores in the past five years. Military personnels or Veterans only opt for USAA as their insurer because it gives them special perks. The average annual for maximum coverage is around $1,200 and for the minimum coverage it lies at $355.


Amica is probably the best insurance company in terms of cheap rates and excellent customer service. They have received high customer satisfaction scores since their establishment and for all the right reasons. They have a responsive customer service team that eliminates any sort of risk or issue before it gets bigger. Their annual average maximum coverage can be valued around $1,495 and the minimum coverage program can be availed around $445.

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