Change These Settings On Your iPhone Immediately

Well if you ever feel like your iPhone is getting boring, change a few things up. Buying a new variant is a short term solution but you will wind up again in the same repetition. We have come up with some exciting settings changes for your iPhone that you can set up straight away. 

Make Face ID Work While Wearing A Mask

One of the most wanted features in the current iOS 15.5 variant was to be able to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask. It used to get very annoying to lower your mask every single time you wanted to unlock your phone. Typing password every now and then alienated some of the users. Well it appears, Apple listened. You can now easily turn the option to unlock your iPhone with a face mask on. Follow these easy steps to activate this feature. Open settings on your iPhone. Click on Face ID and Passcode option. Over there you’ll find an option, Face ID With a Mask. Open it and follow the rest of the steps laid out by Apple. Its actually working seamlessly and the users love it. 

Get Calls On Full Screen

iOS 14 made it possible for calls to slide down from the top of your phone like notifications. Some people loved how hassle-free it was to operate your iPhone even while going through an unwanted call. Yet some opposed this feature. Turns out, in iOS 15.5 you can reintroduce the the incoming of calls on the whole screen of your iPhone. To turn on this function, all you have to do is open settings. Go to Phone. Click on the Incoming Calls option and tap on Full Screen. Some people like me used to slide away the calls disguised in the form of notifications. It was maybe because of the annoyingly consistent notifications some of us are used to get. But all that can be changed according to your liking. 

Relocate Search Bar For Safari Back On The Summit

Many users were getting exasperated on the daily basis when they found an overhaul in the Safari app. With the launch of iOS15, Apple placed the address bar of safari all the way to the bottom. People found it very tough to be dealing with a completely changed Safari system. However due to the excessive backlash, Apple decided to add a feature in the latest update which will allow you to relocate the Safari Address Bar back to the very top. All you gotta do is open settings on your iPhone, open Safari and choose the Single Tab option beneath the Tabs option. 

Turn On The Dark Mode On Your iPhone

Well the inclusion of Dark Mode in the iPhone’s opened doors to many new features. iOS 13 made it all possible. By activating Dark Mode on your iPhone you will be able to maintain dark backgrounds on any bright backgrounds given. Its also another brilliant feature for saving a ton of your battery. Lesser brightness would mean more battery being saved. You can turn on Dark Mode by opening settings. Go to Display and Brightness. The select the Dark option alongside the Light mode. You can also add the selection of each mode to your control centre. This will allow you to save the time of opening settings and following the other steps. 

Be In Charge Of Your Notifications Through Focus

The focus mode was first introduced in iOS 15 by Apple. Focus mode is a feature that works the way Do Not Disturb mode does but you can particularly alter some things about this mode. We receive a number of notifications on the daily basis and some of them are certainly unnecessary. The focus mode will allow you to set your notifications accordingly starting from the most important to the least important. You can create your own specified mode in the focus mode regardless of those already available. To be able to do so, open settings. Go to the focus option and select on the (+) sign on the top right corner. After doing so, you’ll be shown the custom option and follow the rest of the steps drawn out by Apple. 

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