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This Famous Guru In USA Endangered A Forest In India

Sadhguru is a well renowned yoga teacher from India. He is not just famous in India, but in the States as well. But just recently, Sadhguru was accused of illegal constructions in a forest in India.  Sadhguru was just recently hosted by Trevor Noah for an interview. Not only that, he was also invited by […]

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National Parks In The States You Need To Visit At Least Once

These National parks in the US are one of the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing ones all around the world.  Virgin Islands National Park Well the most astonishing thing about this national park is that it comes with a beach. Virgin Islands National park is situated in US owned Virgin Islands at the Caribbean Sea. […]

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Why Millions Of People Die Due To Pollution Every Year

One of the most deadly threats to humans these days is pollution. There are three main types of pollution. Land, Water and Air. Noise pollution also comes into the list in some aspects. But air and land pollution has been the main cause of around 9 million deaths around the world per year.  Pollution was […]

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Planet’s Recently Discovered In 2022

Scientists are always curious to explore into the great depths of the universe. They always think about how vast the system is and there is absolutely no end to it. We have gathered a number of great planet discoveries made by scientists in the Space department lately. Rugby Shaped Planet ESA just recently discovered this […]

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