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Busy Days At The Box Office Amid Several New Releases

Top Gun: Maverick or Minions Rise of The Gru are not the only ones making history. Some other credible projects are trying to follow the same destiny. However in the same process, some big projects have been left out.

The Elvis Royalty

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis therefore has been doing a fair business since the release. Reportedly, Elvis broke the opening day record set by Top Gun: Maverick. Elvis made a staggering $31 million on the opening day. It further collected another $19 million by the last weekend. It now stands at almost $72 million with an estimation of crossing the $100 million mark. 

Jurassic World Crosses $800 M

Jurassic World Dominion has gathered up a total of almost $824 million up till now. It further attained a $492 million internationally. However we can expect it to not make the $1 billion mark. Regardless of that, Colin and Emily’s dinosaur movie is considered to be a hit so far at every theatre in the world.