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Is Bitcoin The Best Cryptocurrency In The World? Find Out

Bitcoin was the foremost cryptocurrency that gained a sudden popularity. There are several cryptocurrencies running in the world currently. Examples include, Ethereum, XRP and Dogecoin. Yet the trendsetter out of all these is considered to be Bitcoin. People have made a fortune out of Bitcoin over the years. The seasonal fluctuation doesn’t really seem to bother them. 

Now why is Bitcoin the best one out of all cryptocurrencies available. It’s because BTC ensures security and privacy above all. However, an individual is only allowed to have up till 21 Million worth of coins. Also Bitcoin is widely accepted in the non-digital market. But it appears, that the digital market is taking a turn as well. Now Bitcoin’s market cap currently stands at 365.10B. A year ago it used to be at a staggering 696.27B. Exploitation is considered easy by wealthy business owners. This might occur due to the fluctuating market cap.