Big Brands Are Investing Consistently In NFTs – Find Out Why

The NFT business emerged to the world in 2021. In a year they made great success which astounded the world. Thanks to their consistent success and fame, many big high end brands have either collaborated or invested in NFTs. 

Coca Cola Sold NFTs To Charity

The best beverage brand in the world, Coca Cola has been a common name around the world. Coca Cola has also been quite famous to be investing in many popularity gaining campaigns. The large industry announced that they will be selling NFTs for charity. The NFTs include ‘loot box’ and a friendship card that reenact as the official trading cars used by Coca Cola in the 90’s. The auction was a great success as it was able to gather more than $500,000. The money went to different charitable causes.

Lamborghini’s Collaboration With NFTs

The famous Italian carmaker brand recently collaborated with the famous artist Fabian Oefner and there were total 5 NFTs designed. The designs also included a partly destroyed Lamborghini. The car was being launched into space. Another intriguing fact about these NFTs is that the artist carefully designer around 1400 shattered parts to the rear of the car. The images however, took a total of two months to be completed.

Visa Bought An NFT

In 2021, Visa purchased a ridiculously expensive NFT. The CryptoPunks are also regarded as the most expensive ones in the NFT world. CryptoPunks are just pixelated images of different characters. Yet, the images only include the face of the character. Although, the worth of these Non-fungible go up to millions of dollars. Visa bought the CryptoPunk #7610 for about $150,000. Although many sources tell, that the purchase was made from a business point of view.

Prada And Adidas Joint Venture

Adidas is one of the leading sports brand in the world. In the year 2021, Adidas purchased a potential amount of NFTs. The purchasing was a part of a collaborative campaign with some other high end brands. This year, Adidas did the same as the brand is no stranger to the NFT business. Recently they collaborated with one of the most luxurious brands around the Globe, Prada. The collaborative campaign also featured something very unique. They allowed people to send images through a closely designed filter. The images collected were then used to make Non-fungible. Around 3000 images were required. However, after reaching the desired number a single artwork was piled. It was labelled ‘Adidas for Prada re-source’. 

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