8 Best Tools to Keep Employee’s track and Record

8 Best Tool To Monitor Employees And Keep Their Records


Want to keep an eye on your employee’s activity and thinking about how to keep employee’s track? Don’t worry we will help you out.

From a business owner’s perspective or even someone’s. Which is on the top spot of the business with multiple people reporting to you. So, it is necessary to make sure that they are working properly. And give full attention to their work and everything will be recorded and managed.

The question raised here is that there are multiple requirements on your head. But how is it possible to check your employee’s activity when their job time starts?

This is your brand and company which you have worked very hard to build. Have oppressed, and forever to design and make successful to your liking. The last thing you need to know is that an employee slacking off. It is even worse or more disgusting than taking advantage of being unsupervised.

So, what you need is a proper solution and proper system to make sure your employee is working properly and your business is running effectively. We are here to tell you the top solution through which you will manage your employees properly.

8 Best Tools to Keep Employees track and Record

Scheduling Software:

Scheduling Software

The flexibility in the workplace is becoming more increasingly and it is very common now.  But from a manager’s perspective overseeing a team, you need to make sure the working hour time frame is covered through staff. A schedule online helps employees log in when they start their shifting, or check in on the schedule that how many hours are left for their shift.  The software also records who is present in the company and who is absent.

Collaboration Tools:

Having shift work and employees who are working at flexible hours. A program that provides collaboration tools is the best option for staff members. Who are coming late on their shift and also analyzes previous questions or conservation. And what was or was not yet resolved. Employers and managers have these transcripts on hand to look up when there is any issues arise.

Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

This is one of the most important tools that you can link into the workplace. A flexible hours work program requires the accuracy of time tracking software that provides an approval process and only worked hours that are approved by the manager and then they will.

Calendar Software

Calendar Software

It is one of the most common and great available programs in business, along with many employees on the books. It is the best way to keep track of the employees who are not available on a particular day. The staff members will enter when they are unavailable from their job and they have to travel so on that day someone will log in and top people have their information.

Building Access Control Application

The staff who is working on the late or night shift will need to see the clock and make sure that is always an individual available on the site, especially the security personnel. Seeing who has gained access to the ground and at what times are important for maintaining a safe environment.

Video Conference Applications

Video Conference Applications

You need to call and set up a meeting regarding any deadlines or upcoming projects and expecting every employee or staff member will come and be available is not always possible. Especially considering flexible working schedules that have become the law or common.

Although, the staff that shows will be registered, and when the meeting is recorded, the rest of the employees have the option to start and log into the video meeting later to get the information. It will be helpful for the manager so he will make sure that his employees will attend the meeting and they have important information without any stupid excuses.

HR System

HR System

Every company has an HR department and from a manager’s perspective accessing it digitally at your convenience is a great way to keep an eye on operations without your employees being known. And if your employees will know that the manager will know everything and they are seeing us and everything is recorded. The personal data and information of the employee will be available and accessible to only a handful of staff members who are trustworthy.

Out of Office, But Not Out of the Loop

It is common that many workplaces have one staff member or a few who will try their luck. No matter whether it will be trying to add an hour to their time, or leaving earlier than regular working hours will allow that there is always something that you have to focus on.


As a business owner or manager, it is important to have a proper system in place to manage your employees effectively, especially when they are working flexible hours. The use of scheduling software, collaboration tools, time tracking software, calendar software, building access control applications, video conference applications, and HR systems can help to monitor and manage employee activities while maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

With these tools in place, employees can stay connected and informed, even when they are out of the office, ensuring that the business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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