Best Mobile Insurance Companies

In todays world, anything can get insured. From your pet to your mobile phone, it all can be covered. This leaves you in a great spot as there’s minimal risk involved when your assets are insured. If you haven’t insured your mobile phone yet, you must do it as soon as possible. 

Our phones are always on the line. They are subject to theft, damage and getting faulty. These factors make it a necessity for our mobiles to be insured as they are not really cheap nowadays. So in order to get you started, we have picked and outlined some of the best mobile insurance companies in the United States. 


If you own multiple devices and want them all to get protected and safeguarded, turn to no other than Verizon. Verizon offers an exciting Total Mobile Protection Plan that allows one to insure 10 lines at any given time. They only ask for $15 each month to fully insure a smartphone or smartwatch with a deductible included. Verizon can easily cover you for any sort of damage, theft or burglary and even errors in your smartphone. They also offer a repairing option when they have the specific parts available. 


As you might already be aware from the fact that every child carries a smartphone these days. They are more careless than adults with their devices and can pose a much fatal threat to the smartphone. So if you have children that use smartphones then AT&T should be your number one option. AT&T provides a cheap and convenient plan that requires $8.99 per month for coverage. On one device you can get coverage for theft, damage or errors. If you wish to get more devices covered then opt for their $40 plan. The company offers coverage for four devices and insures them against loss, theft and errors. In this plan you also get an unlimited storage for photos and videos. 


AppleCare+ is specifically valid for Apple users only. If you’re an Apple user, you might already be known to how it works. Although each new iPhone already comes with a year’s warranty but you can extend that by opting for AppleCare+. If you have a rough usage or always have your iPhone exposed to danger, you must get an AppleCare+ plan. They ask for $80 or above including a deductible for each month. However, things get pretty complicated when it comes to a loss or theft scenario. The tech company deal those things in a separate manner. 


The reason why we included Sprint on our list is because they offer an excellent plan. Their insurance plan, Sprint Complete, has room for some benefitting perks. You can get discounted mobile repairs and a same day service is also valid if you visit a Sprint store. If you have your device stolen or just simply lost it, you can retrieve it within a day by Sprint’s amazing service. However, keep in mind that their deductibles are the only drawback that we could find. They can range from $50 to $300. 

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