Best Home Insurance Companies

Homeowners insurance is a type of investment we all look forward to invest in. It can save us from many unforeseen events and provide us extra security in the face of uncertainty. It can help pay the costs of damages such as fire, unforeseen weather, theft and injuries on your property. 

In order to ease your pain of choosing the right homeowners insurance company, we have piled up a list of the best ones out there. 

State Farm

Founded in 1922, State Farm has expanded a lot since then and operates in all 50 states. They also provide coverage for auto owners, condo owners and renters. State Farm also provides health benefits as well. However, State Farm is one of the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in the United States. 


Nationwide was founded in 1926 in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, their portfolio has grown and they have included life and auto insurance as well alongside homeowners insurance. Nationwide offers typical and standard homeowners insurance coverages like most companies do. However, they were ranked the second cheapest homeowners insurance company in the States by many magazines. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer coverages in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


Lemonade is a newcomer amongst some other long serving homeowners insurance companies but they mean business. It has made its operations entirely accessible online. The company was founded in 2015 and is the most recently founded company on this list. Lemonade also includes replacement coverage with a standard homeowners policy. This is something a lot of companies don’t do. 

Erie Insurance 

Founded in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1925, Erie Insurance started as an auto insurance company. However since then, they’re growth has allowed them to indulge themselves into bigger horizons such as homeowners insurance alongside renters. Their services are only limited to 12 states unfortunately. Erie also includes replacement coverage with a standard homeowners policy. Some companies provide that at extra costs. 

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