Apple Watch Is Getting This Crazy Feature Across The UK

Apple Watch is another one of Apple’s successful products. It offers a bunch of features to it users and each year Apple makes it better. Up till now there have been 7 Apple Watch series and 8th is in the making. However, Apple Watch users in the UK are going to get blessed with this new feature being launched by the cellular network 3. 

Apple Watch offers cellular services as well alongside other beneficial features. Their network services are widely considered to be  the best in smartwatches around the world. Just recently, 3 announced a great package deal for Apple Watch users around the Kingdom. They have come up with a special data plan. 

How Does It Work

The data plan will allow users to hold an eSIM which will be connected to your mobile SIM. The data will allow you to submerge both devices’ plan into a singular one. You can call, text and watch out of one data plan. Apple Watch doesn’t take any significant allowance from data plans but the usage of multimedia might cause a little inconvenience. This feature allows 3 users to prevent the need to hold their IPhone at every place. Your watch will work even if your mobile is far from you. This will make life easier as there are certain places where your phone is at danger. This new feature being launched by 3 goes by the name of “Smartwatch Pairing Plan”. 

The data plan will cost 3 users around £7 per month and its a bargain if you ask us. Another benefit from this plan will be that 3 will enable the first few months for free for the Apple Watch. 

Although 3 themselves came clear on this topic and stated that this is just an experimental feature for now. They will further look into the matter after receiving necessary feedback from the users. 3 hasn’t officially said or done anything yet but we are certain that this feature is going to take place in the near future. 3 also faces potential competition from other network companies such as O2 and Vodafone. Yet they are trying to change the position of their company with getting out of their comfort zone. 

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