Apple Is All Set To Improve iPhone 14’s Display

iPhone 14 is all set to be launched in September. Reportedly, there are not going to be any big changes in the display. But it seems Apple is looking to develop a further better display for the users. 

One of iPhone 13’s key features include its extraordinary display. Therefore, the Pro models tend to have a better screen display than the normal ones. The Pro models include a 120Hz refresh rate. They are also the first ones to bring such a rate. The magnificent display offers a ton of great experiences. Smoother gaming, faster movement and quicker responses are just the most exciting ones out of all of them. Although the normal versions of iPhone 13 are still stuck with a 60Hz refresh rate. 

What Can We Expect

As of yet, iPhone 14 is looking to keep things same. But according to several rumours, things might take a big turn. The potential improvements might pose a better version of the new iPhone 14. Although don’t expect the screen to get any bigger than the standard 6.7 inches. The most discussed rumour currently is that Apple might be thinking of adding a new variant into their upcoming lineup. An iPhone 14 Max is looking to persevere its way through. This variant will uphold the superb displays of the Pro versions but still will lack some of its qualities. If you are a small screen lover, you might start looking into other options. Apple might be looking to eradicate their small screen versions. However, the iPhone SE might still maintain its diminutive body. 

Apple is also looking forward to shorten the front camera line on the top of the screen. This would ensure more space and the screen would look bigger. iPhone 14 might only consider to have the all important camera and face ID sensor up there. 

New Display Features

As it appears, many sources have revealed that the iPhone 14 Max could tend to have a 90Hz refresh rate. A massive upgrade from the usual 60Hz refresh rate in iPhone 13. Although, its safe to imagine iPhone 14 Max having a 60Hz refresh rate as Apple has not made anything official. iPhone 14’s Pro variants are also expected to retain the 120Hz rate but with some additional changes. Another intriguing hearsay supports the possibility of the new iPhone’s having an always on display. They introduced this feature in their Apple Watch Series 6 first. Yet many Android mobiles have attained this feature since years. 

Apple is also taking the screen brightness to another level. The iPhone 13 had a Super Retina XDR OLED screen which was liked a lot by the users. The tech company is expected to display a better screen brightness in order to increase their flagship. But as mentioned earlier, don’t expect any significant changes. Nothing has been made official and these are all just sources reporting certain additional features. But sometimes rumours get turned into reality.App

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