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Apple Car Or Google Car?

Technology is literally persevering its way through all barriers and as it seems, there’s no stopping that. For instance, even the car industry is taking a great turn. Carmakers are working day and night to introduce the best and most latest technology available. Here are some facts about the ongoing situations carmakers are facing and how tech companies like apple and google are reacting to those.

Apple’s Stand

Apple has been persevering its way into cars for a lot of years now. As you all might already know about the increasing interest of technological companies into cars. Apple hasn’t been shying away from this new world as well. Cars are becoming more electronically powered and tech companies can’t wait to make a fortune out of it. Apple has an impeccable customer loyalty. They would want to grow their current audience as well. To do that effectively, Apple has been indulging themselves more than ever into computerised cars as they want to gain an edge over their potential competitors. 

Google’s Stand