Another Las Vegas Strip Landmark Coming To An End

Las Vegas is widely known for the entertainment it induces. People visit the city from all around the world throughout the year. Although it may seem that two very iconic landmarks are on the verge of getting dissolved. 

Although its not new to city that something so important coming down to its end days. Many great historic landmarks have appeared to get shut down, silently. No one bats any eye and suddenly, the news of another closure strikes in front of the world. Las Vegas has also seen many famous names depart such as Frank Sinatra and Siegfried and Roy. Although the case of Siegfried and Roy was always very dangerous. The duo was known to make an appearance with white tigers and lions. Roy was attacked by Mantacore the white tiger while performing an act but somehow managed to get out of its grasp. 

Just like that, the trademark of Las Vegas have also started to vanish surprisingly. The sin city’s main attraction are the numerous casino’s it is home to. This factor is one of their focal points. Many influential people often visit Las Vegas for just a quick round of poker. However, many popular names such as Stardust, The Dunes, Boardwalk and The Sands, also started to fade quite unknowingly. 

Mirage About To Be Sold

As of now, one of the most famous and desired resorts in the city, The Mirage is impending danger. The Mirage is on the verge of getting sold to the infamous chain of companies, Hard Rock International. The company is seeking to bring their traditional Guitar hotel to Las Vegas as well. The deal of buying Mirage Volcano is quite essential to them. Hence, nothing has been made official about the deadline date. But as mentioned earlier, everything great about Vegas comes to an end. Many sources have reported that the deal is looking closer and closer to be signed off. Hard Rock International themselves haven’t made anything official but they did accept that they are currently in talks for a takeover with MGM (owners of Mirage). 

Although it might take sometime for the takeover to be completely signed. Hard Rock International’s guitar themed hotel might take a handful of time to be fully constructed. But nothing will change the fact that a famous name is yet again ready to be stripped off the Las Vegas Strip. 

Although there might be some hope left for Mirage. MGM recently had an agreement of purchase The Cosmopolitan, another hotel on the Vegas Strip. It can be rejuvenated as a part of Mirage but nothing has been made official yet. But the sudden disappearances of famous landmarks still remains questionable.

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