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Android 13 Is About To Launch And Here Are Its Best Features

Google has transformed a lot as a company. Its not just about searching stuff online but its managed to be much more than that. Google released its first phone in 2016. Since then, the company has raised the bar. With Android 13 coming next to the google phones, its considered to be the best as of yet. The all new android software is regarded the next step towards future by many specialists. Android 13 is getting launched with potentially many amazing features. We are gonna discuss the best of them in this post. 

More Privacy

The new Android 13 will ensure greater levels of safety for its users. The previous versions required location services to show any nearby wifi options but thats not the case now. There’s a whole other option for that now. Nearby internet connection options will now pop up their without using the users location. In settings, there’s also an option which enlists the apps that are currently using your microphone and location. 

The use of images by certain apps will also now depend on your decision. You can select a certain album or the pictures themselves which you want the app to use. You can avoid the app diving into all of your photos and videos. 

Lesser Notifications

Whenever you install apps on android, it never asks you if you want to push notifications or not. It directly starts pushing them without your best interest. Thats not the case with Android 13. If you install any app in the new software system, it will ask you for permission for notifications. This will help the user run their mobile with more freedom as while doing something important, no random notifications will be popping on the screen. You will have the choice to select the most feasible option for yourself.