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Amazon Echo Frames – Best In The Business

Smart glasses are something we don’t hear about a lot to be fair. This might be due to their technicality. They’re tough to handle as per users. However, Amazon decided to join the chat when smart glasses were receiving formidable backlash. It’s been nothing but praise since then.

Amazon released their Echo Frames back in 2019. A consumer-friendly eyewear that didn’t cause any sort of havoc to its users. Although the $249 price tag was a bit too much to ask for. However, the Echo Frames don’t support any sort of visuals. Its just your daily conversation with Alexa, as the name suggests. Audio was what Amazon put its focus on. Asking Alexa to perform tasks for you through the eyewear was quite easier. Her response was loud and clear as well due to the qualitative speakers instilled in the glasses. 

Amazon’s Echo Frames therefore never let you feel that you’re wearing something too extraordinary on your eyes. A fair deal of technology that makes you converse with Alexa. 

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