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AirPods 2 Look More Powerful With This Upgraded Feature

Apple is all set to launch AirPods 2 in the foreseeable September. Its expected to be launched alongside other new Apple products alongside the iPhone 14. As it appears, Apple is looking to add some extraordinary features in their forthcoming wireless headphones. 

According to sources, Apple is looking forward to develop an upgraded version of bluetooth codec for AirPods 2. 

What Is A Bluetooth Codec?

A codec decides and regulates how bluetooth gets transmitted from the primary device to the headphones. It codes the digital audio into particular formats. Then it all comes down to the bit rates. Different bit rates guarantee different qualities. However the best sound quality can be maintained on the highest bit rate. 

Coming back to the context of this pos. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is all set to introduce bluetooth codec LC3 in the AirPods 2.