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A Magnificent Flying Hotel That Can Stay In The Air For Months

There’s a new flying hotel on the loose somewhere in the air and reportedly its not expected to land anytime soon. This new flying hotel is expected to be nuclear powered. It has a gym and swimming pool on board as well. Well this is something you don’t hear everyday. 

What’s The Catch?

The sky cruise plans to be in the air for not days but months. It can hold up to 5000 guests at a given time. Although, you can expect it to stop only to drop off some guests on board or to bring on board some new ones. The sky cruise is also expected to be charged with nuclear friction. 20 nuclear powered engines will ensure the never ending flying journey. 

The designer of this futuristic air hotel describes it as, “it could be the future of transport,”. Hashem Alghaili also added that any sort of repairs required will be carried out on board. 

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